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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy




Curios in the Garden - The Vampire Girl - Periwinkle Haven
Water Shortage - A Silver Locket

Extract from
Curios in the Garden
By Jenna Hines

‘I don’t know what to make of it all,’ declared Claude.
The rest of the ornamental stone animals listened intently.
When Claude the large snail spoke, his voice was like velvet. Everyone called him ‘Claude Snooty’ behind his back, but all respected him; he was the most educated of them all.
‘I think we should have an investigation. After all this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened,' Claude continued.
‘Here here,’ cried Harry the small yellow rabbit.
A few other animals joined in with Harry. There was a terrible din when they all began speaking at the same time.
‘Hush,’ ordered Medames’ Ying and Yang; the two porcelain Chinese heads. ‘What is all this about anyway?’ they asked in unison.
The twin grey Donkeys, Megan, and Laura, told the Medames’ that there had been an incident. Claude was calling for an investigation.
‘Humph,’ they sniffed, ‘why waste time on an enquiry; we all know who is responsible.’ Henry the big brown hare opened one eye. He had been sleeping through the meeting. Yawning loudly he stretched. His very long ears pricked up, and he was now paying full attention to the proceedings.
Thomas, the old steely grey tortoise, moved very very slowly as he made his way to the front of the crowd to get a better view.
Mork, one of the wooden ducks called after him, ‘You’ll have to move faster than that Thomas. It will be dark before you reach the front.’
Mindy, the other wooden duck laughed at his twin who was clearly teasing the old boy.
Sammy the chocolate and cream coloured snail with bulging eyes, and a happy smiley face, told Mork to leave old Thomas alone.
Freddie the little green frog jumped over several heads before landing straight in front of Gwendoline, the robed lady in the pond. He wanted to a clearer view of Claude.
All the animals were in their places, except poor old Thomas, who was still moving toward the front.
Claude who took charge, was addressing them all again.‘Well if you want my opinion, I think we must have a full investigation now before they have chance to do it once more,' he reiterated.
Some of the animals looked uncomfortable; unsure as to where this enquiry would lead.
The wooden chimes sang softly in the breeze as Claude waited for the animals to give their agreement.
Sammy the snail was the first to give his approval by beaming his big smile at Claude.
Mork and Mindy quacked their assent.
The Donkeys brayed their acceptance.
Slowly, each one of the animals gave their consent.
‘That’s settled then; I'll put the wheels in motion,’ declared Claude.
There was muttering among them, as they discussed the enormity of what they were about to do.
‘Do you think this is the right way to tackle things?’ Medames’ Ying and Yang asked Claude as they sat around the big old lime tree.
‘Can’t see any other way of allaying the problem,’ he sniffed. ‘Of course if you have any better ideas?’
‘Oh no, no we don’t,’ replied Madam Ying.‘It is, well it’s just that we don’t really have enough strength? To tackle Them, I mean,’ Madame Yang added in a whisper, for fear of anyone hearing.
‘Well if we don’t put a stop to it who knows how far they will go in the future?’ Madame Ying retorted.
‘Strength, after all my dears, is all in the mind you know. We do have some fine minds among us,’ Claude stated, proudly.
An enquiry meant they would all put their thoughts together, and agree on a solution how they would tackle the situation.
It was Claude, who with the strongest mind declared a meeting, when ALL of them would give their own opinion. Hopefully, it would not be too long before a decision was reached.
The meeting was to be at dusk in the old barn. They must be very quiet, so as not to disturb the humans, who lived at the side of the barn in the big yellow house.

Curios in the Garden - The Vampire Girl - Periwinkle Haven
Water Shortage - A Silver Locket

Extracts from
The Vampire Girl
A Novella By Jenna Hines

The Vampire Girl

The girl I am looking for can't be an ordinary girl; she must have exceptional talent. I need to train this special girl to do a very important job.
She does not have to be beautiful, or intelligent, fat or thin, tall or small, but she must be kind and thoughtful; that is vital.
The training could take several months. This girl must be available for the time it will take to become my assistant.
I will now go in search of my fledgling……

‘Lily what is wrong with you today, you seem far away,’ Daisy reproved.
‘Oh it’s nothing really; just daydreaming,’ Lily said to her friend.
‘Will you be coming out later? A few of us are going to that new club in town; the one just opened on the high street. Some girls from college have been there, and they say it’s great,’ Daisy added.
‘Hmm, maybe,’ Lily said dreamily. She told no one of her plans. When she saw the advert in the daily news, she thought loads of girls would be applying. When she received the reply to her application, Lily did not quite know what to make of it. No doubt, all would be revealed during the interview the day-after tomorrow. Turning her thoughts back to Daisy, she asked, ‘What’s this club like then?’
‘I don’t know Lily; that’s what I intend to find out. As I’ve just said, some of the others, think it’s really cool.’
‘Alright then Daisy, let’s give it a try,’ Lily conceded.
‘What will you wear Lily? I think I’ll put my new skinny top on with my hot pants, black tights, and ankle boots.’
‘I don’t know what to put on Daisy; I haven’t really got anything new.’
‘Borrow something of mine then silly.’
Daisy, an only child, had very rich upper class parents who constantly replenished her wardrobe.
Lily, on the other hand, came from a middle-class family, and had four siblings. She couldn’t always persuade her parents to part with the money required to re-stock her wardrobe, and often had to make do with what she could wangle out of them. The position Lily had applied for though, could make all the difference to her financial state.
‘Well are you going to borrow something then?’ Daisy was asking.
‘Yeh sure, what have you got that will fit me?’ Lily asked.
‘Loads of things; let me see.’ Daisy started to throw some garments onto her bed for Lily to choose from.
‘How about this,’ Daisy offered, holding up a skimpy black strapless dress that would barely cover any self-respecting girl.
‘A bit too showy for me,’ Lily said shyly.
‘What about this then,’ Daisy was showing Lily a petrol blue sleeveless shift dress.
Lily screwed up her face, in disapproval.
‘Haven’t you got anything less revealing,’ Lily said annoyed that her friend was only offering, skimpy garments.
‘Ah you’d prefer to be dressed like a nun then would you?’ Daisy teased.
‘Don’t be silly Daisy. You know me; I don’t like to show myself off that’s all.’
‘OK Lily, I’ve got the ideal thing for you.’ Daisy held up a red dress with small puffed sleeves. High necked, knee length and nipped in at the waist; to show off Lily’s trim, curvy figure.
‘Hmm alright, I’ll try it on,’ Lily said as she disappeared into the bathroom. A modest girl; Lily never undressed in front of anyone.
‘Ooh you look great. The colour suits you Lily. Now let’s see if I can find some nice strapped sandals to go with it,’ Daisy enthused.
Daisy presented Lily with the ideal pair of sandals. She took Lily’s lengthy dark hair and pinned it up with a few decorative combs, revealing her friends’ long white neck. ‘Fabulous Lily; you’ll knock them dead in that gear.’
‘Knock who?’ Lily asked innocently.
‘The men of course; who else,’ Daisy replied exasperated.
Daisy wished she could be more like Lily, who didn’t need to make much effort to look gorgeous. It took Daisy's hours to apply her makeup, get her hair just so, and dress in the right clothes.
It was too early to get ready for their night out, so diligently Lily went back to her studies for a couple of hours. Daisy languished on her bed, reading one of the glossy magazines her parents sent to her every week.
Lily could not concentrate. She kept thinking about the interview and felt perturbed at the prospect of meeting, Edward Swan. What sort of man was he, she thought. With a name like Swan, perhaps he was the type that glided through his life with elegance; just like a real swan gliding through water with grace, and no effort.
Daisy and Lily went off to the club. As usual, though Daisy had too much to drink; Lily had to get her safely back to the college, before lights out.

Curios in the Garden - The Vampire Girl - Periwinkle Haven
Water Shortage - A Silver Locket

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