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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy




Pepe 'Pooh'
Pepe 'Pooh' Read my poem for Pepe here

Max My Boy

Max 'My Boy'. (Above and below)
6th June 1992 – 31st July 2004
Read my poem about max - 'Brave Heart'
All our love to our boy Max our Cat from Mummy and Daddy XX. 31st July 2004 - 10.15 am. Crocq, France

Max My Boy
Suki Sweetheart

Suki Sweetheart.
Read The Fairy Tale Cat, my poem about Suki. or click here to hear a recorded poem about her.

Suki Sweetheart

Our Angel Bub Mitzi - 'Darling Girl'
Poetry link - Our Darling ‘bub’ of May
Toffee Tuppence Mimi Fritz
Donkeys Toffee and Tuppence (Poem here)
with goats Fritz and Mimi

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