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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy








A great easy summer read. Three books in one. Four families, following the life journey and future families. Set all around the historical development of the mills in that period. Although there are many characters, the author makes past references to them which reminded me of who and where they fit in. One for around the pool.

T.K. Norfolk


Reviews of my novel Annie Logan
Annie Logan by Jenna HinesAn exciting debut by a new author. Now and again you come across a book that makes a good holiday read but stays with you long after the holiday does! ...Annie Logan is one of those books....that could make a good movie....it`s hard to put it into a certain category as this one has a bit of everything and details all the trials and tribulations a young girl goes through to attain her ambitions. The sensitive treatment of the character(s) the sense of being badly let down and used by various people in her young life and despite all this she still manages to keep a smile and an optimistic hope and outlook...a page-turner. I kept wanting to know what she was going to get up to next, it`s a chick`s book that's cool for guy`s too.. I`ll look out for her next one....hopefully soon.
- Review from Amazon.com

Hi Jenny. AUTHOR EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!! I am in shock!!! How rich did you say you wanted to be? !!! I have been reading the manuscript since I put the phone down to you, and I couldn't even break off for a cup of tea!!! You are obviously Annie, and boy what a life, and I have only finished what you have sent me so far!! I think it is brilliant, and I started reading with a completely open mind as you know. I need to get back to terra firma now before Zach gets back from school. I just wanted to let you know that I think it's FANTASTIC.
- S. Lovell

Have bought your book. What a mammoth task it must have been. 300 plus pages.
I liked the twist at the end. Well done. Look forward to the next one.
- P. Morris

Hi Jenny. I enjoyed the book although I reckon a woman might enjoy it more....The typical male in me had him in an affair in France and not a perfectly legitimate criminal activity, so to speak, so I thought the ending a little weak. I assume he realised in the end that the little woman he had was more than he deserved, and she for some reason started to feel very insecure in the later years after being quite strong-willed earlier, and was afraid that he would leave her. I suppose in some ways the ending was quite normal, whereas we all realise that stuff we chased for earlier in life doesn't matter and good health and happiness does. The older we get we seem to be more content with what we have rather than look for something we don't have. Anyway I think your achievments are fantastic and want a copy of your second book.
- J. Hayes

Have just started your book and am getting quite hooked!!!! I managed a few pages in-between washing all the carpets - joy!! It was great fun meeting you and hearing about your life, plus you were our first Author to stay - very exciting. Hope all is going well along with tons of inspiration for your book you are writing at the moment. Do hope to meet you again with the next instalment! Kind regards.
- Lindsay

A review of my short story 'The Birthday Party'
Click here to read an extract from 'The Birthday Party'
This short story clearly indicates that the author has a talent for communicating through the written word. The story progresses naturally from scene to scene and none of it seems forced or contrived. This adds to the sense of natural, effortless storytelling about the way the work progresses. When reading it, one feels that the author has a very clear grasp of exactly who it is being written for and what the audience want to read. Because of the obvious passion which has gone into this work and the detailed construction of the world this writer has created, the reader suspends disbelief and enters it willingly and in full acceptance of the new reality which the writer has developed. The more one reads, the more one wants to know.
- P. Quinn

Review of The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite Click here to read an extract from this book
I've really enjoyed reading about Arabella and the feckless Charles and I already see a film in the making! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite - Critique of the first 250 words - by Penny Grubb and Danuta Reah
This a good place to start, opening with the point of view of the bereaved child. It will engage a reader’s interest. You have a good situation here that arouses curiosity – what are the motives of the woman? What will happen to Arabella? It’s important you stay consistently with one point of view at this stage, and write from the perspective of that character. Example of catching the readers’ attention by making them care what happens to someone in a vulnerable situation, in this case a child whose mother has just died. The adults here are nicely painted not as deliberately cruel, just unthinking.

The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite
- Facebook review:
My good friend from France has written this book, that I have just read. Any one looking for a nice summer easy read, give it a go. Great one Jennifer, have finished the book, very good.

The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite - Teaser review:
Hi Jenna Just read your teaser and it sounds a good tale. Kind regards from Oz.
Patricia Newell-Dunkley

Reviews of my short story Dissension
Some thoughts on Dissension for you. There are some good symbolic elements here, I particularly like the use of the pin (is mightier than the sword? The tiniest of pricks?). I also found the short clipped style a bit distancing. It works well for the fast-paced bits, but overall it feels lacking in detail. I'd perhaps revisit this and flesh out what you have because the core of this is a strong story that you can make work. - TheBigBadG

I enjoyed the story, definitely an "ouchie" for me at the end. - R.W.

Reviews of my short story Periwinkle Haven
Great kids tale, Jenna! Rated '8' - Andrea

Oh, My. Great Tension. I read a lot of stories to my Grandson. He's five. Wow, he would love it.

Poetry Reviews
Poem: A Cold Morn
It sounds like the beginning of something maybe a little longer. I like it, I think it's good and has some fine images through. Nice writing. Relic Hunter - an author at WritersCafe.org.

I rarely comment on prose but as poetry is 'my thing’, I can appreciate the verses of 'A Cold Morn'. A sweet traditional poem with a good flowing rhythm, it paints a nice picture of a rural scene. An enjoyable read.
- Ionicus

Poem: Ginger Charlie
Do we grieve any less because it is a pet, not a child or other loved one? Have we not raised it from birth, cared for it, loved it, taught it? Are we not loved in return? Share companionship, an emotional relationship? I think so. I believe we experience the cruelty of that loss just as deeply as we would the loss of a child we had given that same caring and love to. This poem is a wonderful, loving tribute to Ginger Charlie; one that beautifully describes that relationship, and the poignancy of that loss. A 'child' was lost here; I acknowledge, and share, your grief. - Icepoet

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