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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy





On this cold Morn, we took a walk
And headed for the woods
The ground was hard beneath our feet
Where no one else had trod

No squirrels, rabbits or small moles
Were to be seen, at all
The waterfalls were frozen now
And Icicles had formed

The stream was flowing slowly
A trickle and no more
The frost and ice had took it’s toll
On this cold winter morn

We stood awhile our arms entwined
And not a sound was heard
We saw a Hawk, a Robin too
And several little birds

The trees they glistened in the sun
The berries had all gone
The air was cold and fresh and new
The day had just begun

By Jenna Hines. 4th January 2002

  A Cold Morn

Ginger Charlie

I lost him long ago he went away from me
We had a special bond my cat ‘Charlie’ and me
He knew my every mood a very special boy
Knew when I was sad and knew when I felt joy

He’d stroke his paw against my cheek
No claws did he protrude
This was his way of showing me
His total gratitude

Alas one day I left him in the local cattery
While I sailed off on holiday, to enjoy myself you see
But Charlie was not well enough to be left alone too long
When I returned I cried and cried for his health had all but gone

I was told that he had missed me very very much
And that he’d waited patiently, longing for my touch
Finally when he saw me he closed his eyes for good
I miss you ‘Ginger’ Charlie you gave undying love

Jenna Hines
12th July 1990

In memory of my 'special boy'

  Brave Heart
6th June 1992 – 31st July 2004

Our little ‘brave heart’
Gone from us today
Float on the wings
Of the white clouds above us

We will always remember you
Our little boy ‘MAX’
With that doleful look
In your eyes and
The warmth in your heart

You were very brave ‘o’ Ginger one
We loved you very much
and miss you now you’re gone
Be at peace now, ‘my boy’

Look down upon us sometimes
And remember you are always
In our thoughts
Good-Bye little ‘Brave Heart’
Goodnight, and sleep well.

Jenna Hines

Toffee and Tuppence

I watch them standing very still
Against the morning hue
They do not move they do not bray
They both just stare and look my way

We’ve built a very special bond
And understand each other
They know that I won’t hurt them
Nor treat them like those others

For they were both ill-treated
By men who’d gone before
And it took a while to trust me
For they were still unsure

But now I’ve shown them kindness
They know while I am here
That I will always care for them
Of this they have no fear

For since the day I rescued them
I’ve given all I could
To each one of my Donkeys
Whom I can’t help but love

Jenna Hines
11th August 2008


Mimi is our little goat
She plays around all day
And when she is not playing
She’s munching on her Hay

We call her little sweet cheeks
Her coat is brown and white
She is a tiny Toggenburg
An adorable, lovely sight!

Sometimes when she needs milking
I sit upon a stool
And gently pull her teeties
She loves this, she’s no fool

She chews upon the sweet grass
When she’s not skipping ‘round
Then suddenly she’ll sit herself
Right down upon the ground

We love our little Mimi
A darling goat is she
And if I had my own way
She’d come inside for tea!

Jenna Hines
22nd January 2009

Pepe aged 84 hours

Been at home less than a week
Oh what havoc he does reap
Can't stay still and jumps around
wish he would sleep soft and sound

He has no fear he does not care
is that Pepe up on the chair?
When Suki spits he just sits and stares
Pepe oh Pepe has run up the stairs!!

Jumps on your back and down your legs
What are we to do with our little Peps?
Fast asleep now, we can have some peace
Until he wakes up and havoc he reeks!!

Jumping around all over the place
Black and White all round his face
Little black mark under his chin
Oh what fun we are having with him!!

Washing his paws and having a rest
Thank the lord for this little pest!
We love him to bits a monster he is!
Biting my boots now, what is this??

Fast asleep a lull in the storm
When he awakes we'll be tired and worn
Wish he would stop jumping around
and into everything he can find!!

Jenna Hines 1998


R.I.P. Little Pepe Pooh.
23rd April 1998 - 9th November

You gave us so much pleasure
Our little darling boy
It's hard to live without you
Now that you're here no more

The angels took you from us
And left a great big void
For you our little Pepe
Our darling baby boy

When you get to Heaven
Look down on us we pray
And know that we still love you
With every passing day

You'll join your little family
High above the clouds
We hope your soul finds happiness
Beyond the big blue sky

We'll say goodnight to you now
And hope that you find peace
We'll miss you Kaptain Kitten
Our love will never cease.


9/11/2014........ 1.00.p.m
Mummy and Daddy

The Fairy Tale Cat

Curled up tightly on my lap
Suki, my baby, taking a nap
Pussycat, sweetheart, I love you so
Daddy’s little girl, I won’t let you go

She follows me round, just like a dog
But Suki, my sweetheart, my little heartthrob
You don’t have to worry, about wagging your tail
For you are my Princess, MY, Fairy Tale

Daddy Oh Daddy, I adore you so
Don’t ever leave me, never let go
Love me forever, I’ll sit on your lap
Happily taking my afternoon nap

Suki, my sweetheart, my little girl
Sat down beside me, whiskers, all curled
She is my angel, my baby, my friend
My little cat, I’ll love till the end

Jenna Hines
3rd March 2001

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Our Darling ‘BUB’ of May

Our Darling ‘bub’ of May
Has gone from us today
And our hearts
Feel sad and grey

Our pink nosed bub
Our Angel girl
You were the loveliest
CAT in the world!

Mummy will miss
‘Our’ nose to nose’
And all those kisses
That you bestowed

Mummy and Daddy
Have an ache in their hearts
Now that you’re gone
They are falling apart

Sleep tight our
lovely darling girl
The Angels have taken you
From this Earth

You’ve gone to your Maker
To be with your Mum
Suki sweetheart
The chocolate box one

Uncle Max, brave heart,
Is there with you too
Now all we have left
Is poor Pepe pooh!

Goodnight our sweetheart
Our darling girl
We’ll love you forever
Down here on earth

Jenna Hines
For our Angel Bub Mitzi who was taken by the Angels at 3.40 a.m.on Sunday 25th July 2010


Fritz our goat
So big was he
With huge great horns
He'd use on me
Until one day
I got the brush
and with it
gave a gentle push
He did not use those
horns no more
I guess he learned
What was the score
And from that day
He was serene
Our big old goat
No longer mean

Jenna Hines 2012

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