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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy




Part three of The Mill Owners Trilogy; a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian/Edwardian Scotland.

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The final part of this trilogy unfolds the destinies of the families, with some unforeseen happenings hidden within the pages of this absorbing family saga.
We move forward to 1901... When invalided Rosanna Keating reveals her desire to become a nurse; Clara her mother is reluctant, but Tom Harrison, who is besotted with Rosanna encourages her to follow her dreams.
William Patterson becomes too tired to work and suffers the consequences. Janet is concerned about their errant son, David, but when he meets a French debutante, Janet hopes she will have a calming influence on him.
Joey and Rosie Donaldson escape the possibility of being evicted, when they unexpectedly inherit another property.
Suffering another breakdown, Kaitlin Bartholomew is forced to consult the doctor; Seth doesn’t know which way to turn.
As War breaks out in Europe, most of the able bodied men, join up to fight for King and country. Some never return home; others are left badly injured. Many broken hearted women are forced to cope alone.


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The Mill Owners Trilogy- Part Two

DRAEBURN -is Part Two of The Mill Owners Trilogy; a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian Scotland.

We continue in 1869, and follow the lives of the Hamilton's, Murdoch’s, Donaldson’s and Bartholomew’s.

Seth Bartholomew upholds his belief in better working conditions and carries on his fight, by rising through the political ranks to achieve his goals.

When Molly Murdoch’s father dies, her husband Louis and their daughter Beth, find their lives take a turn for the better.

William Patterson, Lord and Lady Hamilton’s son-in-law, has taken over the Mills, and proposes to change the fates of all his workers.

Lady Docking dies suddenly, and Eva Donaldson is thrown into turmoil.
She becomes so wrapped up in her duties she fails to notice her children growing away from her.

There are many trials and tribulations throughout with some unexpected surprises lingering within the pages of this intriguing family saga.

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The Mill Owners Trilogy- Part One

The first part of a trilogy of a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian Scotland.
In Part One we meet, the Mill owner, Alexander Hamilton, his family and workforce.

In early Victorian Scotland, three friends who work under dangerous conditions at the Closeburn grain mills have untimely incidents, which change the course of their lives.
Seth, Arthur, and Louis live with their families in cramped conditions in the tiny run-down cottages in Closeburn close.
When Seth Bartholomew a political up-start upsets his employer, Lord Hamilton, he finds himself out of work and without a home. His wife Lily and their children are forced to find alternative accommodation.
Arthur Donaldson meets with an accident at the Mill that will change the families’ lives forever.
Louis Murdoch is promoted to overseer making his wife Molly proud of him, but with the advancement, comes a price to pay.
Lady Hamilton and Lady Docking Lord Hamilton’s cousin are heavily involved with work for the poor. They both employ two unlikely women to help with their important duties.
An intriguing tale of family life with many twists and turns throughout.

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A delightful mix of real and imaginary animal stories and poetry combined; This illustrated selection for young children under the age of six years, can be enjoyed by being speech read aloud. Alternatively, children who have recently learned to read, will savour them. The author entices and encourages the child to use their imagination; the images throughout help to paint a picture.
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Four awesome tales of Pranks; Misfortunes; Vampires and Ghosts. The first tells of a strange object that is found in the swimming pool at the girl's birthday party and of the mystery surrounding it. The second tells of the struggle for African families when an earthquake hits their village and the children are forced to walk miles to find clean water to keep the remaining villages alive. Vampire Girl is an inspiring tale of an ambitious young girl who does everything to achieve her desire to become a Blood Sucker and finally A silver locket plays an important role in the ghostly story of a couple in the early eighteen hundreds.
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The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite Golborne, Lancashire, 1889 is a mining town divided between working men struggling to feed their families and the gentry living on Westleigh Hill. Henry Postlethwaite journeyed from Golborne to London to seek his fortune, leaving his wife Mary and small child, Arabella, to fend for themselves. Arabella loses her mother and is taken in by her widowed Aunt Elizabeth, who educates her; transforming Arabella into a lady, despite her humble beginnings. In 1907, on the journey to find her father, Arabella, travels South. She innocently puts her trust in a man, not realising perfidy and hurt, will befall her. Faced with the improbable, Arabella Postlethwaite's resilience and determination avails to overcome treachery, violence and betrayal. No matter what happens, Arabella is intent on finding her father. An inspiring story of a young woman's persistence, to achieve her Quest.
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Annie Logan by Jenna Hines Annie Logan has dreams to become a famous concert pianist. Despite losing her mother at an early age and not withstanding some of the horrific events in her life somehow she has to try to overcome the trials and tribulations. Suffering under the tyranny of the man she loved the betrayal of another and living through an incident which leaves her permanently scarred she exhibits resilience, tenacity and determination. Annie Logan is an inspiring story about one woman's struggle to fulfil her ambitions.
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Scribbling Sublings - David Patterson and Jenna Hines Scribbling Siblings is a poetry book co-written with my brother, David.

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All Jenna's books are available in paperback; some have been up loaded to Kindle and Nook and can be read via FeedARead; an Amazon company. The printed versions can be ordered via Jenna, Amazon and Waterstone's Book stores.

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