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Jenna's Short Stories & Writing Extracts - The Mill Owners... A trilogy




About Jenna Hines
      Christened Jennifer Ann. I write under my pet name of Jenna. Born and brought up in Liverpool I consider myself fortunate to have been a young teenager during the swinging sixties. Although an academic, I always knew that some of my talents lay in creativity.
      Certain that I inherited my writing skills from my paternal Grandfather, who was a wealthy mill owner in Scotland in the late eighteen nineties and who wrote several novels about the area where he lived in Dumfriesshire.
Jenna Hines
    Author Jenna Hines

Part three of The Mill Owners Trilogy; a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian/Edwardian Scotland.

*** Now all three books are available as a box-set version and paperback versions, with a FREE copy of the Kindle version when paperback is purchased. ***

The final part of this trilogy unfolds the destinies of the families, with some unforeseen happenings hidden within the pages of this absorbing family saga.
We move forward to 1901... When invalided Rosanna Keating reveals her desire to become a nurse; Clara her mother is reluctant, but Tom Harrison, who is besotted with Rosanna encourages her to follow her dreams.
William Patterson becomes too tired to work and suffers the consequences. Janet is concerned about their errant son, David, but when he meets a French debutante, Janet hopes she will have a calming influence on him.
Joey and Rosie Donaldson escape the possibility of being evicted, when they unexpectedly inherit another property.
Suffering another breakdown, Kaitlin Bartholomew is forced to consult the doctor; Seth doesn’t know which way to turn.
As War breaks out in Europe, most of the able bodied men, join up to fight for King and country. Some never return home; others are left badly injured. Many broken hearted women are forced to cope alone.

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The Mill Owners Trilogy - Part Two

DRAEBURN is Part Two of The Mill Owners Trilogy; a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian Scotland.

We continue in 1869, and follow the lives of the Hamilton's, Murdoch’s, Donaldson’s and Bartholomew’s.

There are many trials and tribulations throughout with some unexpected surprises lingering within the pages of this intriguing family saga.

To buy the e-book from Amazon please click here.

The Mill Owners Trilogy - Part One

The first part of a trilogy of a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian Scotland.
In Part One we meet, the Mill owner, Alexander Hamilton, his family and workforce.

An intriguing tale of family life with many twists and turns throughout.

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Annie Logan by Jenna Hines
      The challenge of writing my first novel and having it published is I feel my greatest achievement to date. It is titled ‘ANNIE LOGAN’ and was Self Published. It is now available to order via Amazon web site and Waterstone’s bookstores.

     The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite My second novel ‘THE QUEST OF MISS POSTLETHWAITE’ is now available at the Amazon kindle store and KDP select. If you would like a paperback version, please contact me here or find it at Amazon or Waterstones (to order).

Click here to read an extract from 'The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite'

      I am currently researching and working my third novel based on my paternal grandfather's life and am actively seeking an agent/publisher to consider my work for main-stream publication.
Scribbling Sublings - David Patterson and Jenna Hines      In the past, I have written various articles for different magazines in the UK and France.

      Scribbling Siblings, a poetry book co-written with my brother, David, is also available from Amazon and Waterstone's book stores.

      I'm a member of The Society of Women Writers & Journalists

My two new children's books shown here, left and right, are now available in paperback and Amazon Kindle and Nook.

KIDS, CREATURES and CURIOS is an illustrated book of prose and poetry suitable for children under seven who like animals and odd creatures. BLOOD, CAPERS, FATE, and PHANTOMS is a compilation of four awesome tales of Haunting Spirits, Mysterious Trickery and Supernatural Happenings!

Hope you and your kids enjoy them!!!

Career Profile - Jenna Hines
My first novel, Annie Logan was self-published by Password Publishing of Herefordshire March 2009.
My second novel, The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite was self-published by Writzend Publishing in January 2014.
My childrens' books were also self-published by Writzend Publishing in January 2014.

Short Stories
Recently two short stories for middle school children were published in separate compilations.

I have my own publishing company called Writzend Publishing.

An article relating to my own experiences of self-publishing recently appeared in Women’s Writer Magazine.
In 2009, Creuse News magazine invited me to write an article regarding my writing career and a brief background of my life in France. An up-date was written for the magazine in December 2011.
In 2001, I wrote of my experience living on the black mountain high above the Hereford village of Hay-on-Wye, the famous Town of Books, for the local magazine, Borderlines.

Scribbling Siblings, a poetry book co-written with my brother and illustrated by my husband John, was self-published in 2009.
An earlier poem about one of my Donkeys appeared in the Donkey Breed Society Glossy magazine in 2001.
During the past twenty years, several poems have been published in various compilations.

Radio Interview
In 2009, I was interviewed about my writing career and it was broadcast on the local radio station in Gueret, France, which helped to promote my first published novel. Click here to listen to my radio interview. (Or right click the link to save the file to your computer)
Notes: The interview is approximately 12 minutes long, it's an mp3 file, and the file size is 10.9 MB. My part starts after the song 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'.

Book Signings
Several book signings, both in the UK and France have been accomplished to successfully sell my books.

Writing Reviews
I now offer constructive writing reviews for a small fee.

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